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  Vagif Mustafazade House Museum
On 28 July, 1989, the Vagif Mustafazade House Museum was founded. In 1994, the Museum became a branch of the State Museum of Azerbaijan Musical Culture. During 1989-1997 the head of the Museum was V.Mustafazede's mother - Ziver Aliyeva.

The Museum consists of 3 rooms. There are photographs related to V.Mustafazade's life and creative work, various papers, personal belongings presented in the exposition. Total 1214 items.

At present the head of Mustafazade House Museum - Afag Aliyeva, graduated from Azerbaijan State Medical Institute, Faculty of Stomatology, cousin of Vagif Mustafazadee. She is also the founder and director of The V.Mustafazade Charitable Foundation.

Address: 4, V.Mustafazade Lane (Donge), Icheri sheher, Tel: (994 12) 492 17 92

  The Niyazi House Museum
The order on the Niyazi Museum establishment was issued by the Ministry of Culture on 28th of December, 1990. On 18th of September, 1994, the Museum opened its door for visitors.

Maestro Niyazi lived and worked in this apartment from 1958 to the end of his life. His former apartment, now Museum, consists of five rooms. Three of them (dining-room, bedroom and working room) are kept as they used to be during Maestro's life. The rest two rooms (exposition and living room) are managed to show more exhibits related to Niyazi and to provide space for chamber concerts and celebrations. Photographs reflecting Niyazi's life and creativity from his childhood to his declining years, musical manuscripts, posters, playbills and other exhibits are displayed in the exposition room. The living room presents photographs reflecting Niyazi's social life, paintings and drawings presented to Maestro or acquired by the Museum during long time.
In the whole Niyazi Museum collection includes:
Niyazi's musical manuscripts 120 items
Photographs 2746 items
Books and printed music of his personal library 486 items
Gramophone records 279 items
Personal belongings, souvenirs, paintings, pieces of furniture, devices
Other composers' manuscripts 5 items
About 1500 items of them are displayed in the Niyazi House Museum.

Celebration events, conferences and concerts dedicated to Niyazi are permanently organized here. Furthermore, different activities dedicated to the significant dates taken place in the musical life are arranged here as well. For example, Piano 300, Tchaikovsky anniversary, Verdi anniversary, etc., were celebrated here in different years.

Total more than 6200 materials related to Niyazi are preserved in the State Museum of Azerbaijan Musical Culture.

The head of the Niyazi House Museum - Rza Bayramov, graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute, History Faculty, experience of museum work - 20 years.

Address: 21, Bulbul avenue, ap.24, Baku, Azerbaijan. Tel: (994 12) 493 18 36

  Gara Garayev House Museum
The house museum of Gara Abulfaz oglu Garayev (1918-1982), one of the greatest Azerbaijani composers of the 20th century, was opened on his 100th birthday. The exposition of the museum includes rare materials - documents, manuscripts, photographs, posters, personal belongings to the composer and other items that reflect his life and creative way. The museum collection has more than 300 items.
The museum is located in the center of Baku, on the Nizami str. 47/49, where he lived with his family in 1918-1946. His first works are written here. In general, the creative heritage of Gara Garayev covers almost all genres of music.
The house museum of Gara Garayev is engaged in collecting, researching and training. There are regular concerts and musical meetings. Children are offered interactive games to develop their skills.
The design and development of the Museum was carried out by Partner Culture+Projects (Horst Campman).

  The Permanent Exhibition of Azerbaijani Traditional Musical Instruments
As a branch of the Azerbaijan State Museum of the Musical Culture, the Permanent Exhibition of the Traditional Musical Instruments was opened in 1987. The objective of the exposition is to reflect evolution of the Azerbaijan instrumental culture from the old to present time.

The Exhibition is located in two rooms of the former apartment of Ahmed Bakikhanov (1892-1973), tar performer, teacher, Azerbaijan People's Artist.

The replicas (copies) of the ancient musical instruments and modern ones are demonstrated in the first room. This room also presents materials related to eminent performers on the Azerbaijan musical instruments, demonstrates history of the development process of ensembles and orchestras of folk musical instruments. One who wishes can get here the information about the past and the present of performing tradition.

The exposition of the II Room is dedicated to life and creative work of Ahmed Bakikhanov. At the same time the Azerbaijani traditional musical instruments collected by him are demonstrated here. This collection became the foundation stone of the musical instruments collection of the State Museum of Azerbaijani Musical Culture.

The head of the branch - Tarana Gaziyeva, graduated from Azerbaijan State Conservatoire, Traditional Musical Instruments Faculty, experience of museum work - 17 years.

Address: 119, Zergerpalan str.(near Nizami metro), Baku, Azerbaijan Republic.
Tel: (994 12) 494 60 62

  The Museum Ensemble of Old Musical Instruments
In 1996 according to the direction issued by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic, the Museum Ensemble of Old Musical Instruments was founded in the State Museum of Azerbaijan Musical Culture. The distinguishing feature of this Ensemble is the fact that its 14 musicians perform the medieval music of XIV century on musical instruments used in the Middle Ages, gradually forgotten and restored by the museum worker M.Kerimov, Art Director of the Ensemble and Honoured Artist of the Republic.

Thanks to Kerimov's great diligence and skill, such restored musical instruments as Chang, Barbat, Rud, Chagane, Santur, Setar, Shirvan tanbur, Rubab, Gopuz are the core of the Museum's exposition. One who wishes to see the instruments can do it there as well as attend rehearsals and concerts to hear their fascinating sounds.

the Museum Ensemble of Old Musical Instruments successfully represents Azerbaijan Musical culture at the international level. In 2002, the ensemble performed at the International Festival Voix et Rout Romane arranged in France as well as in UNESCO's Paris office. The ensemble's high-leveled performance at the event arranged in Almaty (2003), at the festival "Voice of the Soul" took place in Dushanbe (2005) and same year in the cultural program arranged in the context of the Islamic Countries Cultural Week held in Istanbul was awarded the highest prize and presents.

M.Kerimov was born in 1945. In 1972, he graduated from the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire, the department of folk musical instruments (tar class). In 1995, he defended his thesis entitled "Azerbaijan old stringed musical instruments (problems of history, theoretical restoration and improvement)". Having restored the Azerbaijan musical instruments used in the Middle Ages and then completely forgotten, the author has breathed a new life into them.

- The opening of Niyazi Museum
- Speech of Ministry of Culture
  and Tourism A. M. Qarayev

- 10 year anniversary
  of The Museum Ensemble
  of Old Musical Instruments

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