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The Expert Commission was formed to estimate historical, artistic and scientific value of the musical instruments and other items related to music to make a special expertise and to issue a permission certificate. Alla Bayramova, Ph.D. in musicology and museum director, is a chairperson of the Expert Commission. The Commission consists of 7 members.

Examination rates for institutions, organizations and citizens presenting objects to the commission of experts are following:
musical instrument 12 (twelve) manat
bow 4 (four) manat
express out-of-time expertise double price
expertise out of museum double price
passport for musical instrument 20 (twenty) manat

1. for local pupils and students 50% discount
2. outdoors expertise of more than 10 musical instruments 25% discount

Expertise done according to orders and letters issued by Ministry of Culture and Tourism and an examination of objects presented to official guests is free of charge.

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