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Golcha gopuz. M.Kerimov's work. Baku, 1999. Collection of the ASMMC.

One of the most ancient stringed musical instruments. Two kinds of gopuz are widely used:
1. The two-stringed instrument known as the "gil gopuz" or "iklyg" is a kind of gopuz played with a bow and widespread among peoples of the Middle Asia.
2. Considered to be an ancestor of the modern ashig's saz, the three-stringed Golcha gopuz is the most ancient stringed musical instrument used by the Azerbaijani Turks. The body of a golcha gopuz is like the body of an ud, but much smaller. The bowl is curved out of one piece of wood. Two-thirds of its surface is covered with leather, and the other part is covered with thin wood. Frets are fastened to the short neck of the gopuz.

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